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Welcome to Arina Music Academy, an online academy of Percussion, where you can gain the skills and experience necessary to turn your passion into a career or anything you want to set your mind to. We provide training for LCM and ABRSM International grade examinations as well as liesure playing and Solo/Group performances .

Pick up that keyboard/ piano and soothe to its melody. It's a perfect instrument to start with for both kids and adults. With our highly personalized methods of teaching, you could reach specific targets like appearing for piano/ theory exams, improving your keyboard skills and music theory as a music producer/ performer or you just want to learn the piano as a hobby, you name it and we will build a course unique to you. Our years of experience in the industry has given us the opportunity to teach hundreds of students over the years to appear for the LCM, Trinity and ABRSM exams and as a result our music lessons have been appreciated by students of all age groups all over the world.

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Piano Classes In Bangalore


With experienced Drum Teachers who have a passion to build and mentor aspiring drummers, learn drumming at your own pace and get all the attention you need to build a good foundation in understanding the fundamentals of music in bengaluru. This course provides music classes and training for beginners who want to pick up a musical instrument and leisure playing, performances all the way up to LCM and ABRSM International examinations, but it doesn't end there we also emphasize self-exploration and discovering a passion for something new. You could also pick up music theory along the way and create your path towards becoming an established drummer in India.

Drum Classes In Bangalore

Arina Music Academy also teaches music theory as a standalone subject for those who learnt an instrument with basic music theory in order to read and play but would like to learn theory in a much more detailed manner. For Certificate Exams it is important that music education includes theory for a much detailed understanding. Our experienced tutors will guide you through your musical journey bringing music to life practically on your instrument. Our Music School with Piano & Drum Online Classes are at par with institutions in India. Music Lessons from the comfort of your home have never been easier!

Composing Music

Music Theory Classes In Bangalore


The initial course are for those who are learning the instrument or the subject for the first time. In this course students will be learning basic music theory, hand exercises, pieces and terminology necessary to have a strong foundation.


On the international graded system this course would take you through grade 1 to grade 3. Students will be learning different types of technical studies and pieces from different genres and styles to ensure versatility and exploration. Students in this level can appear for international graded examinations. 


On the international graded system this course would take you through grade 4 to 6, students at this level would start to have good understanding of the instrument and can perform with other musicians as well as compose their own music. 


This course would take you through grade 7, 8 and above. This course is for student would like to turn their passion for music into a carrier of teaching, performance or higher learning. Students will learn all the advanced techniques in performance and teaching.

  • How do I register?
    Go to the "Apply now" page and fill in the application form, and we will contact you as soon as possible. or you can directly call us with the infomation on the contact page.
  • How often are the piano lessions?
    Piano lessons take place once a week, to give the student enough time to practice to be prepared for the next lesson.
  • How qualified is the Instructor?
    The instructor is a Music Education degree graduate who majored in Piano, Raoul has trained hundreds of students for the LCM, ABRSM and Trinity exams in the past 10 years.
  • How are the online lesson gonna be held?
    Online lesson will be conducted via Zoom or Google Duo. Once you have registered the instrutor will do the nessesary arrangments for the call.
  • How many students in a group class?
    Maximum 2 students in one group, this way we can monitor their progress more closely.
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